Gutters are essential elements of the house

Gutters are essential elements of the habitat. And, it is difficult to imagine the facade of a house that is deprived of it, except of course in the least affected regions, by precipitation where they are not mandatory. But this comfort tool, even when properly installed, remains a fragile system, which requires routine maintenance and immediate repairs at the first signs of leakage.

Checking gutters when viewing a house

If you are interested in buying a new house, you can have further information about properties for sale on But, before you put down your deposit, don’t forget to carefully inspect the home, even if it appears to be in good condition. If you are a new buyer, you should circle the home, starting outside from across the street. You should do a full inspection, starting with the exterior elements like the roof, gutters, wood trim, siding, window components, doors, porches, and decks. Then you should go up close to inspect the siding and look for telltale problems like sagging gutters before heading inside to look at the living space and, crucially, the basement.

Gutters: protecting the construction of rainwater

Gutters do not only have a simple role of comfort, this equipment is an integral part of the habitat and is also a practical tool. On the one hand, they protect the building (façade, door, shutter, etc.) from rainwater and their projections. And on the other hand, by evacuating the rainwater away from the construction, the gutters can avoid cracks caused by the loosening of the foundations (groundwater runoff).

Performance of materials for a gutter

The materials and shapes used for the gutters are important. They determine the performance and durability of the rainwater drainage system. The most economical material is PVC. But its strength does not equal that of more expensive materials such as zinc or copper. The non-experts generally have difficulties in making their choice, as the qualities are variable between the different models.

You need a building expert to identify a leak on your gutter

Knowing how to identify a leak problem is important. The gutters not only protect rainwater, but also limit their projections on the bottom walls, which can have the effect of accelerating their degradation. The intervention of a building expert is useful to prove the existence of a leak problem, since it is necessary to repair this indispensable but fragile tool, as quickly as possible.

Gutters: they have a new ecological role

Gutters have also acquired a new utility with the emergence of sustainable development. Today, they play a new ecological and economic function: the gutters evacuate rainwater to collectors. In doing so, they limit the entry of rainwater at the base of the foundations, and thus the differential loosening and settlement which are often its consequence.

Construction and technical expertise

This construction expertise helps providing information about technical, economic and legal decisions, as well as identifying the causes of your problems, estimating remedial solutions in principle and releasing responsibilities, if necessary.

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