Apartment renovation – Home transformation

The renovation of an apartment or a house is a major project. An old house or an aging apartment deserves a refurbishment with a new layout. Several trades are involved in a renovation. It may be necessary to call on a project manager to coordinate the work. You can find a company available, get apartment renovation quotes or home renovation quotes by describing your project through this form.

Estimate renovation apartment, house

Realize renovation work, room or renovation of old house can be a pure aesthetic choice to modernize, make it brighter, more comfortable … It may also be a rational choice to achieve added value or save money. Home renovation or apartment renovation projects take into account the installation of insulation and the choice of a new, more efficient heating system.

Why entrust the project to a professional?

Professionals certified RGE advise you on equipment deemed effective depending on the surface and orientation. They are valuable allies in your renovation plan even if your home is in very bad condition or does not have facilities. You can request their services to appraise your home. They will propose to you subsequently the specifications renovation flat or estimate home renovation emphasizing the important points. Home interior renovation in particular, requires specific amenities. Apart from the insulation, it is necessary for example to think about the bringing back to the standards of the electrical installation, the system of purification and the felling of the partitions. For the facade renovation of a house, different works can be useful: renovation of the facade, replacement of doors and windows and insulation facade. Whether it is a stone house renovation or a passive house, it may involve some changes in the roof: renovation framework, replacement of cover, etc … The last stages of the renovation is the finishes and interior layout. They consist of the laying of coverings (floor, floor, wall …), a screed for floors and painting work, the choice of lighting … And do not forget, some energy performance work is eligible for CITE ( Energy transition tax credit). It is a significant reduction that can make the difference.

Renovation estimate: how to proceed?

Thus, whatever the scope of the restoration project (bathroom renovation, apartment renovation or complete house renovation), it is advisable to be as precise as possible in the description of your expectations and your needs. . In the form of request for quotation renovation apartment or house renovation quote, do not forget to indicate: – If it is a renovation old house or an apartment; – The number of rooms and the total areas to renovate; – The general state of your home: walls, floors, ceilings, plumbing, electrical installation, windows, doors …; – If the rooms to renovate are furnished or not. This will allow you to obtain renovation quotes that meet your expectations and can compare the benefits and prices to choose the professional who will carry out your work.

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