The importance of real-estate agencies for holiday rentals?

You are looking for a rental but you are hesitating between going through a real estate agency and opting for particular to particular rental? Here, we tell you why a real-estate agency is the way to go! You can also check if you wish to learn more about properties to rent.

The role of real estate agencies

Real estate agencies aim to connect people who are looking for a home to buy or rent and those who have available for sale or rent. They play the role of intermediary. They may have to deal with a transaction, look for housing for someone, hire a tenant for a landlord, organize visits … It can also manage the daily problems of landlords and tenants by acting as an intermediary. And more generally represent and assist both parties.

Go through a real estate agency for more tranquility

Real estate agencies play an important role in connecting tenants and owners. Professionals can guide you with valuable advice and learn about your rights and obligations as a tenant. The estate agency will also be a great help in your search for housing because it will necessarily have several homes to visit you according to your different criteria. Going through an agency is therefore the insurance to have a wide choice of housing and save time in your search. By going through an agency, you will have no action to perform because it is she who will deal directly with the owner. You will only have to provide the necessary documents to your real estate agent. In addition, once installed, some guarantees will protect you in case of problems in your apartment: the agency must intervene and take care of repairs, in case you are not responsible for damage.

Real estate agencies offer attractive rents

Whether you go through a real estate agency or by an individual, do not hesitate to compare prices for the same areas and locations before choosing your home. You should also know that an agency will always offer rents respecting the market prices of the city or neighborhood where you want to find a rental. Contrary to popular belief, agencies even display rents that are often more attractive than those charged by private landlords. Finally, through an agency, you even have the opportunity to visit many properties without committing yourself.

P2P rental

Renting an apartment through an individual may have a financial interest at the time of signing. Indeed, you do not have to pay the fees, equivalent to about 1 month’s rent: only the deposit will be to pay. In addition, the fact of being in direct contact with the owner can allow to obtain some advices on the life of the district (shops, leisures, animations, etc). On the other hand, research can be more tedious than with the help of an agency. You will have to search all the classifieds before finding your apartment. Finally, be aware that through an individual, the price of rent is often higher than through an agency.

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