How to become a master in seasonal rentals?

Do you own a property that you want to rent in seasonal? Or maybe you have not invested yet and want to learn more before you start this seasonal rental business? In this article, you will discover some steps to make seasonal rentals like a master!

Buy a house or an apartment!

…in a tourist place or visited by people who are passing through.

To test the market before investing, you can create different fake ads and post them on an ad site. You will choose the location of the ad for which you receive the most requests. Thus, you will ensure that you always have tenants and not be a rental vacancy.

Adapt and furnish your house or apartment

Giving character to your property is essential. Because tenants will have the choice between different rental offers and choose the one that speaks to them more. You must attract the attention of the future tenant and arouse his interest. So adopt a sober but effective decoration.

Check the condition of your home and determine the rental rates

Before renting your home, you must make sure it’s in the best condition, electrical installation, plumbing…

Find a tenant

To find a tenant, you will use the various communication channels at your disposal:

Ads sites Word of mouth (to do this it is enough to satisfy your tenants, they will then recommend your rental to their loved ones) The personal website: it’s essential if you plan to sustain your vacation rental in the long term.

Seasonal rental agreement, deposit, inventory…

Once contacts are made and you have agreed on the date of stay, you can send the lease to your future tenant (make sure he signs it first, to avoid any change in clauses not consented). It is recommended to ask for the payment of a deposit up to six months before the date of the beginning of the stay (this will reduce the risk of withdrawal of the tenant and if necessary will allow you to amortize part of the rental vacancy). Also, pay the deposit of the keys for the payment of a deposit that you will return to the tenant after his stay if no damage has been caused to the accommodation. The maximum amount of the deposit is 25% the rental price. During the delivery of the keys, the inventory of fixtures. It is not mandatory but strongly recommended in case of damage to furniture or housing itself.

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