Gutter maintenance: how to do it?

Gutter maintenance on your roof is an essential step in keeping a tight cover and a healthy home. Here is a specific guide for effective cleaning step by step.

At the time of major spring cleanings, the roof is often neglected. The latter must be kept in an exemplary state to avoid in the long term important disorders in the house (floods, leaks, humidity …). Among the important operations of roof maintenance, consider pampering your gutters. These small accessories play a decisive role in the evacuation of rainwater and must be properly maintained. Here’s how to proceed.

Gutter maintenance: preliminary precautions

The maintenance of the gutters is part of the small maintenance work that is simple to do technically but which remains dangerous because it works on the roof. If it is imperative not to be subject to vertigo to properly clean its gutters, it must also be properly equipped to perform the various steps without endangering unnecessarily.

For less accessible gutters such as multi-storey houses or where there is not enough room to properly install the ladder, calling a professional will help you avoid unnecessary risk or damage to your gutter.

Gutter maintenance: necessary materials

If dizziness is not a problem for you, you should be able to maintain the gutters yourself. But for that, you will have to be properly equipped. You will need:

  • A ladder and a front spreader, or better, if you have one, a scaffolding
  • A garden hose long enough to reach the roof and down the gutters
  • A pressure washer can also be very useful, especially if you have a gutter cleaning solution specifically designed for this interview
  • A gutter and a brush, or a cleaning set that usually consists of a shovel and some other tools with various shapes but studied to unclog and clean the gutters
  • A tool holder to have both hands free when you move
  • A safety harness for the most important heights
Gutter maintenance: step by step
Gutter cleaning: the reasons for doing this work