Gutter cleaning: the reasons for doing this work

If you choose to maintain or have your gutters maintained, it is to prolong their life and avoid significant complications to the habitat. These disorders can cause repair work on the gutter leading to its early replacement. The cost of repairing the gutter or façade walls can be much greater than the cost of gutter cleaning done mechanically and annually.

In any case, a regular check with removal of detritus that can block the passage of water ensures the effectiveness of the evacuation system. The means used must be adapted to the type of gutter. It is necessary to know how to differentiate between the Le Havreise and Nantes creeping gutter, the square, Lyonnaise or English drip gutter and the typical and decorative gutter.

Gutter cleaning: works according to the type of gutter

When cleaning a gutter, different difficulties may arise and require taking certain precautions to avoid danger. The gutter (creeping or gutter) is often difficult to access and of course placed in height. Mounting on a ladder to check the condition of supports, profiles and other items can be risky. There are a number of safety measures that must be respected: reasonably shifting the wall ladder, not standing on the gutter (which may come off at once), or asking for help from a third party.

The use of suitable equipment is essential. If the gutter is accidentally damaged during its maintenance, it must be changed in part or entirely. Many leave this work to a professional accustomed to constraints and aware of the risks. For certain specific tasks, only the hours of labor and possibly the movement of the craftsman are counted on the estimate. Operations requiring adapted equipment or chemicals are mentioned separately, by type of service and justifying the price for each.

Gutter cleaning: when and how to maintain the gutter?

Once a year, it is recommended to check or have a professional check the condition of its gutters and clean them. Branch residues and seasonally collected vegetation can block some of the profiles or elbows and prevent water from escaping properly; which creates an overflow. The resistance of the gutter is put to the test. Degradations can gradually appear: leaks, cracks, breakage if the sustained weight is too important. The gutter can be cleaned with a water jet for the lower part and a plastic shovel or a scraper for the upper part. Complete maintenance kits exist. Evacuation eyes must be open during the entire operation. Several hours may be necessary depending on the dimensions of the gutter and the number of elements to check.

Gutter cleaning: solutions to anticipate potential problems

In order to prevent certain disorders, protect against possible shocks and avoid complications, you can install gutter protection. There are different kinds. The gutter cover limits the risk of impacts on the profiles at the top and on the elbows and other elements at the bottom.

The gutter’s crapautine and the anti-leaf gutter protection system (called “stop leafs”) make it possible to avoid the accumulation of leaves and other plant debris brought by the wind and the violent rain.

In parallel, professionals check the condition of hooks, supports and profiles. They make sure that the gutter does not sag and that it will not fall. In some cases, they are forced to change wear-damaged and aging expansion joints to ensure their effectiveness in all weather conditions.

Gutter maintenance: how to do it?
Gutter maintenance: step by step