Choose a gutter: material and budget

Another choice to make: that of the material. The gutter is traditional and authentic zinc, copper or galvanized steel. There are gutters in PVC, aluminum or lacquered metal that appeal for their modernity. The price remains higher for noble materials (copper gutters) and sought after finishes such as lacquer.

The question of the budget can also be a decisive element. Here are some average prices depending on the different gutter materials:

  • The price of a PVC gutter is on average between € 3 and € 10 per linear meter;
  • The price of a copper gutter on average between € 20 and more than € 35 per linear meter;
  • The price of an aluminum gutter is on average between € 13 and € 25 per linear meter;
  • The price of a steel gutter is on average between € 7 and € 15 per linear meter;
  • The price of a zinc gutter is on average between 5 € and 16 € per linear meter;
  • The price of a composite gutter is on average between 15 € and more than 40 € per linear meter.

Choose a gutter: the elements to take into account

The choice of a gutter depends on its ability to evacuate water depending on the type of roof. The questions to be asked can also be of aesthetic order since each commune has a POS (Plan of Occupation of the Soils) or a PLU (Local Plan of Urbanism) to consult imperatively before modifying the aspect of an external element of the dwelling.

All colors, all materials may not be allowed. Another criterion, the main forms of gutters do not necessarily adapt to all roofing materials. The best is to have a feasibility study done by an experienced roofer.

In short, the creeping gutter is particularly suitable for sloping roofs. The roof water is collected directly in the gutter.

The hanging gutter can be laid with any type of cover. The evacuation capacity will depend on the size.

The gutter is more aesthetic but also more expensive. It is suitable for old architecture and low slope buildings.

Finally, be aware that gutters are marketed in standard dimensions (4 m, 6 m, etc.) but are also custom-designed for particular configurations. They must be selected for their length but also for their development, knowing that the development adapted to the roof is calculated by taking into account the slope of the roof, the rainfall measured in the year and the projected surface of the roof.

Choose a gutter: the pose by a professional

The professional to contact for this type of work is the roofing artisan. Its know-how makes it possible to position the structural element precisely in order to ensure tightness. The way to position the hooks and put the connections, especially in the corners and the birth of the gutter is particularly important.

Appealing to a roofer has other advantages. The professional allows the owner of a primary or secondary residence of more than two years to benefit from a 10% intermediate VAT rate on the purchase of the equipment and its installation.

Requesting several quotes allows you to get to know several artisans in the region who can provide a service in perfect harmony with their research. This action also helps to compare rates to save on the installation of gutters.

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