Roofing works: our tips and tricks

Among the essential questions before embarking on the renovation of the roof, the question of cover remains paramount. In order for the roof to last over time and remain in perfect condition, the roof and the elements that constitute it must be carefully selected. If each region has its specificity, its materials and colors, the techniques must remain efficient and fast enough to implement. To each to take into account the different elements and ask the right questions. Here are a few that will help you better target your roof renovation.

Which roofing material to choose?

Among the most obvious questions of roof renovation, the choice of roofing material must be made according to many criteria and among them, the local obligations governed by the Local Urban Plan (PLU) and the regional specificities. Here are some briefly summarized:

The lauze, this stone cut with particular charm, is still widely used in the center of France. But this material is quite expensive and we prefer in general the tiles and slate, more traditional and traditional.

Slate is found near mining mines in the Massif Central, in Brittany or in Ile de France.

The natural roofs of wood are noticeable in mountain regions and often high-mountain: on the Savoyard chalets for example.

A little everywhere in France, the stubble returns in force. This kind of straw, today treated to resist the most vigorous climates, is recognized for its ecological impact. The same goes for the environmental benefits of green roofs.

Roof renovation:  how to guarantee the waterproofing?

Because a good roof covering must first protect against bad weather, any roof renovation process must make it possible to check and guarantee the quality of its watertightness. In fact, humidity can cause significant deterioration inside the building: mold, fungi, etc. Whether it is a traditional roof or a green roof, the question of tightness is essential for the respect of the structure, the durability of walls and ceilings. Apart from a complete renovation of the roof, and the replacement of the roof, the roof is sealed by adding several thin sheets of bitumen, covering with a bitumen product or asphalt. There are also synthetic membranes and special roof resins to waterproof a roof with special shapes or sloping. Have a specialist make a diagnosis to find out which solution is best for your roof.

Renovation of roof: what material for which frame?

Also of paramount importance, the choice of roofing material must also be made according to your type of frame. If the latter is robust, steel, solid wood or reinforced concrete, it is possible to provide a lauze roof, quite heavy. If the frame is made of wood or a less solid material, it is advisable to use a lighter roof covering such as stubble and grass. On a traditional frame or kit, concrete tiles are the most common. They take the desired shade and remain reasonable at the price level. All these roofs represent an investment that should be evaluated accurately on a quote. Materials and labor costs deserve to be compared. A roof covering professional can help you in this preliminary step.

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