The benefits of installing rain gutters on the roof

Installing a gutter allows intelligent evacuation of rainwater. Simple to install the gutter avoids infiltrations as well as big disorder in the habitat.

Install a gutter

The gutter is a traditional element visible on all types of buildings, whether traditional style or contemporary style. This architectural element evacuates water from the roof or the roof terrace to direct them towards the ground, towards a tank for recovery or towards the municipal network of rainwater evacuation. The gutter should not be confused with the gutter that is part of the masonry. The gutter is an external element added to the individual or collective dwelling.

Install gutters: an essential part of the roof

Gutters are used to evacuate rainwater and possibly to recover it in a tank, to be used as non-potable water, to water the garden for example. It is then an ecological gesture and a measure of economy.

But the gutter especially avoids that the water stagnates on the roof and damages the tiles. Installing a drainage system is not enough. It is necessary to ensure its proper functioning. The leaves and the foam are likely to block it and thus prevent a good evacuation. The ideal is to inspect and clean the gutters once a year, before the fall. For safety, when working at height, you can call a roofer equipped with the necessary equipment.

Install gutters: to keep a healthy habitat

Installing gutters is an essential operation to avoid problems outside the house or apartment, but also inside the house. Indeed, in the absence of a roof drainage system or if this system is faulty, the water will first enter the attic and then gradually in all rooms. The presence of water in a dwelling is responsible for the appearance of mold and fungi that are harmful to health and particularly to the respiratory tract. In addition, a humidity level higher than normal can be a source of premature wear of your equipment: wooden joinery will curl, the coatings and wall coverings will gradually degrade.

In addition, rainwater if it is not directed to an evacuation system will accumulate at the level of foundations. However, on ancient foundations, microcracks permeating the water are not excluded. Your home will then be affected by the problem of the capillaries. The humidity can then rise along the walls. The treatment of such lifts always requires the intervention of a professional. Several techniques that are both expensive and complex are available to overcome the problem: resin injection, dewatering plant, waterproof membrane … The ideal is therefore to avoid the appearance of capillary rise by providing an evacuation system performing rainwater.

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