How to choose a gutter?

The choice of a gutter depends on its ability to evacuate water depending on the type of roof. The gutter may be creeping, gutter or pendant; it exists in many models and materials to adapt to different roof configurations.

How to choose a gutter?

The gutter is the essential element that diverts rainwater from the walls and preserves the facades of the house or building from moisture. His role is practical but also aesthetic. Choosing a gutter therefore requires you to think carefully about all the criteria and not hesitate to contact several professionals to compare the prices and opinions of each.

This article will give you a general overview of the gutter market and will reveal various ways to get the best price without making any concessions on the services. You will understand what really matters in choosing a quality gutter.

Choosing a gutter: under what circumstances?

Choosing a gutter may be mandatory when building a house or building. If the house has already been built, the choice of a gutter may be the consequence of a repair that has not held or a change of façade style. Some models integrate perfectly with their environment, with the style of the region and thus embellish the exteriors.

As a general rule, the condition of its gutters should be checked at the end of each winter to identify frost damage, pouring rain and wind, or simply remove vegetation that obstructs the passage and prevents drainage.

This operation is easily performed if the gutter is not too high. Otherwise, the security risks require to equip properly or to call a professional with the necessary equipment. Renting tools, appliances, the necessary equipment can be more expensive than asking a professional to intervene.

Moreover, because the forms of gutters are numerous: round, half-round, square, Lyon, Nantes, etc. finding the one that precisely matches the slope of the roof and the amount of water to be drained can be complex. It is difficult for a large DIY store to own all existing models of gutters, even on order.

Choose a gutter: the different categories

Gutters exist in many models to adapt to different roof configurations. They can be creeping, gutter or dangling.

The creeping gutter runs along the wall. It is fixed on the first row of tiles, slates or on the top of the rafters. It is distinguished by its region of origin: Ardennes, it is marked by a rounded corner at its base and Nantes, it is distinguished by a round and open hem.

The gutter gutter is as integrated into the roof and is not noticed. Inseparable from the cornice, it is extremely robust. She is dressed with a plaque underneath to improve her aesthetics and protect her. This gutter is usually connected to a hanging gutter. Large and robust, it looks like a vent pipe and exists in different materials.

The hanging gutter is usually fixed by special hooks to the rafters or the piece of framework called sandpit. The drip gutters come in several forms: classic, square or profiled half-moon.

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